The Difference Between Progress and Change

by Lionsdale

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released January 5, 2017

All songs written by Lionsdale
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Gavin Linnihan
Drums tracked by Greg Lindholm
Guest vocals on Chesapeake by James Granger
Artwork by Edward Chavie



all rights reserved


Lionsdale Minneapolis, Minnesota

MPLS Basement Jams

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Track Name: Conceited
Don't let your wallet grow bigger than your heart
Despite what you think you are falling apart
Your judgement is based upon a self centered system
Never the culprit always the victim

How do you find piece of mind
When you rest your head at night
I bet you'd see your flaws if you opened up your eyes
I can't take the lies you told
Just to get by
Without putting in any work
You just wasted all our time

Your lack of common sense
And disregard for our expense
Will be what hinders you the most
In your search for great success
And I hope I made it clear
That I was never in your debt
The only place you'll ever "make it"
Is on the list of my regrets
Track Name: Change
I can't get up, I can't slow down
Pushing 85, headed southbound
Can't find the words, can't write them down
The feeling is there but it won't be found

You can't stay up there forever
I'm biting the bullet cause I have control now

and I've been thinking lately
It's not the same without you here
Where the hell have you been
For the past fucking year
I've been spending all my time
Dwelling on the past
I'll sail my sinking ship
While the water brims the mast

Your mind is on your wealth
While I fend for myself
Addicted to your stealth
I worry for you health

It feels so out of place
When I move at your pace
Wipe your second face
It's a fucking waste
to spend my time on

Sometimes it's better to leave all you know
Take some time, and let your mind grow
And I've been burning bridges to make myself feel
like I have the upper hand
I have the upper hand
Track Name: Progress
I can explain all the progress I've made in these past few years
I'm aware of your doubt for me
Your search to find all of my fears
My fears are nonexistent, but yours are quite the opposite
I wonder what it is you do to come across confident

You lie to yourself
You sure lied to me
You're nothing but a ghost of the person I thought you'd be
You know damn well you lied to me

I have a simple way of life
And a complex state of mind
I'm not the person I used to be
I left that behind
You've always seen it different
You never even listened
The words go in your ears but I'll be damned if you cared at all
Damned if you cared at all

I know that you lied
I know you can't face this
And know that I tried
Despite the fact that you missed
all of my lines
I know you can't face this
The fact that I tried
I know you can't face this
Track Name: Chesapeake
It's too cold in my room
The essence of lonely, the one and only
I feel so consumed
In this winter weather, I wish I was better

I know I should try to be the best that I could be
But I still smoke cigarettes and I have since I was fifteen

And it floods my brain
Like a flash flood with pouring rain
And it floods my brain
Like a flash flood with pouring rain

It's hard to take off the mask that my friends placed on me
The image of a washed-up, broke-ass deadbeat
But I've got to, get up and wash off my knees
And be the righteous man
My father taught me to be

I've never been good at dealing with change
I often pretend that I'm turning the page
But deep down I know
I'm losing composure
I'm losing what I have left

It seems like every time I try to change
I get stuck living in the same old same
I can't escape living with anxiety
Track Name: Go Funk Yourself
Talk me up, until my ears fall off my head
You're wasting your words
I'll never remember the things you said

It always goes straight to the breakdown
And always finds its way to the comedown
I can't see the way that you see me

I guess I'll just bite my tongue again for the last time
Yelling nonsense until my head hurts like the last time

I think on this every night
I leave my thoughts in rhyming lines
I can't seem to shame the feeling
You'll fuck it up this time
I think on this every night
I spend my thoughts and wasted time

I'm trading in my anguish for laughter
My language for banter
To find what I sought after
A boldness of candor
And I can't find the words to say that you can stand up and always fall back into the arms that caught you twice before